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Class of 2004 Supplement

The 39 page supplement is available in PDF format. (4.4 mb)

Class of 2004 Supplement

Class of 2004 Notables

Category Boy Girl(s)
Most likely to become president: Johnny Buchta Brea Rathman
Most intelligent: Matt Bossemeyer Cathy Klinchuch
Most likely to become a famous athlete: Jeff Morken Annie Lauterer
Best smile: Joe Pelizza Sam Joos
Most likely to become a famous musician: Pat DeWitte Jenny Morken, Jamie Barbeau
Best sense of humor: Chris Levin Kate Schowe, Jess Elfring
Most likely to become a model: Tanner Parr Christina Paul
Most likely to trip at graduation: Bobby Schiller Tara Coulson
Most likely to get kicked out of college: Ryan Ainsworth Beth Rudy
Most huggable: Bob Lanning Steph Brady
Best hair: Bryan Judy Cristen Baldonieri
Biggest flirt: Ryan Ainsworth Amanda Hudspeth
Most likely to change the world: Mike Magnetta Nirupa Kartha, Brea Rathman
Best personality: Mike Magnetta Liz Manser, Rachel Kruzan, Christina Paul
Best school spirit: John Quinlan Bethany Conrad
Best dressed: Mike Zornes Stenie Le

Class of 2004 Favorites

Color: Blue
Band: Rascal Flatts, O.A.R.,
Dashboard Confessional,
Simple Plan,
Dave Matthews Band
Radio Station: 103.5 KISS FM
Restaurant: Chili's
Hang Out Spot: Friends' houses
Class/Subject: Math, English
School Tradition: Sit-ins
Movie: Lord of the Rings, Finding Nemo
Song: Kelis "Milkshake"
Store: Meijer, Express, Hollister,
American Eagle, Best Buy
Snack: Fruit, Chips
Sports Team: Chicago Cubs
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: Julia Roberts
TV Show: Friends

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